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Web Browsers…

October 17th, 2008 · No Comments

I have just about every web browser that I can find that will run on one of my computers. This is so I can check the web pages I design in as many ways as possible. I have Firefox for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, SeaMonkey, an old version of Mozilla suite, Flock, Opera for Windows and Linux, Netscape, and Safari. Oh, and Epiphany and Dillo for Linux along with Amaya and Lynx, the Text Browser.  I forgot Google Chrome, I have that too.

And, yes, I have Microsoft Internet Explorer… from version 3 to the most current Beta 8.  Supposedly IE8 is going to be closer to Web Standards than any version before which I applaud. Microsoft was going to make it more complicated and less compatible than ever before. Right now, however, it seems to ‘forget’ things. This shows up when you go ‘back’ to a page and not all the pieces are there anymore. If you do a ‘Refresh’ by pressing Ctrl-F5, it gets a new copy from the server and then it’s all there. I guess the IE team has some more work to do…

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