Web Design since 1995

Web sites start at $330 for a basic 5-page HTML site with a simple logo.
Maintenance and programming, databases, and Photoshop layouts are $33 per hour.
   The Internet (the Web) is like the modern version of the "Yellow Pages". Customers look on the web to see if you're "real" and find out more about you. The web lets you make a much larger presence than the Yellow pages but the idea is the same. A web site tells them about you and your business and how to contact you.

   I design and maintain web sites for musicians and small businesses. I can create an original custom design for you. Check out the samples to the left and the orignal designs below. I have a number of clients that just needed maintenance and updates for their existing sites. I have updated, converted and maintained sites that were originally done in Dreamweaver, Adobe Go Live, Microsoft Publisher and Front Page, and Apple's iWeb. I'm constantly learning new ways and methods. These are the technologies I use: HTML, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, Javascript, VBscript, AJAX, Linux, Apache, IIS, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SEO, sitemaps, hand coding.

   Below are links to the sites that I have designed and maintain along with other information about the technologies and software that I use. In addition to 'regular' pages, you can have Contact Forms and Maps (with anti-spam coding), Event Calendars including a Myspace Calendar clone, several kinds of Photo Galleries, Photo Slideshow, MP3 music (I can edit music files to make clips), Databases, and Blog Software. I also create sitemaps and upload them to Google so people can find your pages.

Original Designs
Re-designs and Updates

Other Links

  • WinMerge - visual text file differencing and merging tool for Windows
  • SearchMyFiles - an alternative to the standard Search module of Windows.
404 Pages
FTP/SSH Clients
  • PuTTY - Free Telnet/SSH Client
  • Core FTP LE - Free secure Windows FTP client
  • FileZilla - Free FTP/SFTP Client
  • WinSCP Free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows
Network Utilities
Web Servers
Apache Web Servers with PHP/MySQL
  • WAMP on Windows with PHP and Mysql
  • XAMPP for Windows, Linux, and OSX with PHP, Perl, and Mysql
  • MAMP on Windows or OSX with PHP and Mysql

Web Hosting Companies
I have worked with these Web Hosting companies:
  1. Hurricane Electric Internet Services Web Hosting - engineers answer the phone. But it's DIY with shell access.
  2. inmotion hosting - knowledgeable 24/7 phone support!!
  3. Network Solutions Domain Registration and Web Hosting - Good support and applications
  4. Dotster Domain Registration and Web Hosting - Good support and applications
  5. Godaddy Domain Registration and Web Hosting - Decent support and applications but limited on email.
  6. Hostek Web Hosting - pretty good
  7. Hostmonster Domain Registration and Web Hosting - pretty good
  8. BlueHost Domain Registration and Web Hosting - pretty good
  9. AT&T Domain Registration and Web Hosting - different