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Web sites start at $300 for a basic 5-page HTML site with a simple logo.

Maintenance and programming, databases, and Photoshop layouts are $30 per hour.

Sample Pages

Also Business Card design and MP3 editting to make audio clips.

Basic web design since 1995

Citrus Heights and Sacramento Area

    The Internet (the Web) is the modern "Yellow Pages". Customers look on the web to see if you're "real" and find out more about you. The web lets you make a much larger presence than the Yellow pages but the idea is the same. A web site tells them about you and your business and your products or services and how to contact you.

    I started with very basic sites in 1995 for my own needs. I have expanded along the way to include more graphics and programming. Check out the sample pages at the left and the different versions of this page along the top. Several sites including my Music pages use databases to generate displays and provide event calendars. I also create sitemaps and upload them to Google so people can find your site. Basic SEO with appropriate keywords and descriptions for each page is standard practice.

    I concentrate on design and maintenance for inexpensive, affordable web sites. I'm learning about CMS (Content Management Systems) so I can do larger projects in the future. I have a number of clients that needed just maintenance and updates and so far I haven't found anything but flash sites that I couldn't help with.

    Below are the sites that I have designed and maintain along with other information about the technologies and software that I use. Hope to hear from you soon.

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= Myspace layouts also.
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I also have the usual Windows programs to check media connections and FTP programs to upload to your web site.
I can test web pages with these browsers under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux to see how they behave.
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