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Sound Systems
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I have to tell you: Bad Sound, unnecessarily bad sound, just kills me. Hurts my ears. I hate to tell you Mr. Peavey, but I never hear one of your PA's that sounds Good. Maybe it's because of the smily face they seem to always put on the Graphic EQ or maybe they just suck.
Well, here's a few links that will help you learn and find out about the details of making sound good. You could even take a class. Sacramento City College has a Live Sound Reinforcement class and I'm told there is one at Chico State too. Good sound is not an accident, you gotta know something which means you have to Learn something. Go do it!

This first version of this page is just a bunch of links. Most manufacturers have User Guides, manuals, tutorials and White papers for you to download and read. That's what these links are for. Learn about mic patterns and EQ and gain-before-feedback and all kinds of Stuuf. And which way to turn the knobs.

System Elements
  1. Microphones - wired and wireless
  2. Mic preamps
  3. Mixers / Consoles
  4. Processors - Reverb, EQ, and Gain
  5. Speakers
  6. Monitor speakers
  7. Subwoofers
  8. Cables and Adaptors
  9. Stands and Racks
  10. Complete PA Systems
  1. WikiPedia on Microphones
  2. The RecordingHacks Microphone Database
  3. Shure Microphones
  4. AKG Acoustics
  5. Audix
  6. Electro-Voice
  7. Audio-Technica
  8. Using Microphones from Audio-Technica
  9. Audio Classics - Microphones
  10. erik's classic microphones
  11. Learning about Microphones
  13. Vintage Used Microphones
  14. Josephson Engineering Microphones
  15. Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Homepage
    Take the Mic Knowledge Test (I flunked it!)
  16. Mic Preamp Insider from Mix Magazine Online
Sound Systems
  1. Rane Corporation Home Page A LOT of info.
  2. ProSoundWeb.com | Study Hall Study with the Pros.
  3. Shure Tech Library
  4. http://www.pyleaudio.com/
  5. Mackie - Home
  6. Mackie - Tech Support
  7. SCC Live Sound Reinforcement MUSM 306
    Susan Pankratz, Professor
  8. Allegro Audio: Live Sound, Audio Training
    for N. California Also Susan Pankratz
  9. Point Source Sound Steve Walker
  11. Altec Lansing's (unofficial) Homepage!
  12. Applied Research & Technology: Welcome
  13. Dorrough Electronics..
  14. Gourmet P A Systems' in-stock schematics and service manuals
  15. Home Recording - how to record and mix your own music
  16. Music Electronics Archive
  17. Neal's Speaker Service
  18. Owner's / Operator's Manuals; Service Notes; Schematics
  19. PDF Library and Links to Documentation from Technical Audio
  20. Peavey.com
  21. Peavey.com :: Tech Notes
  22. Pro Audio Equipment Schematics
  23. Purple Audio Inc. Product
  24. TC Electronic reverbs and effects
  25. Trinity Sound Company | Industry Links and info
  26. TSC Tech Talk | EQ
  27. Tubes vs. Transistors