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Guitar Preamps and Buffer AmpsGPA-2 and GPX-2 preamps.
GPA2-GPX2-02T (15K)
While hosting the Java Café and Fox & Goose open mic's, I frequently had a problem with guitars and mandolins that didn't put out enough signal when they were plugged into my PA system. Acoustic guitars with Dean Markley pickups are almost always a problem. Well, I don't have that problem anymore. I have designed and built several different guitar preamps and buffer amps that I use at my shows now. I had three different preamp models with me last night (11/29/04) at the Java Café open mic and used them with a dozen different guitars and a mandolin and never had a level problem all night. And Yes, they all Sounded good too. No more of that tinky sound. I built one for Ken Burnett and one for Craig Kincaid, here's what they say about it:
When I bought a new Weber mandolin a few months ago I installed a top of the line pickup in it hoping that would solve all of my amplification problems. I play a lot of music with many full bands, and amplification of my instrument has always been a problem. With the addition of Dave Baldwin's fine pre-amp system I have finally found the most natural sounding and versatile addition to my top-line instrument. I couldn't be happier with the results. My sound is as good as it is when I just play into a microphone, and so much easier to control my sound when I have to play loud in any situation.
Ken Burnett
   After getting my GPA-2 preamp from Dave, the sound of my Martin D18 has never been better. And what's even more impressive is in the studio. When I plug directly into the board, the sound of the guitar is so nice; don't need much gain on the input to get the nice sound either. When I use an amp, it's the same. Such a warm and full sound. Thanks Dave for creating this great pre amp.
Craig Kincaid, Singer/Songwriter

GBA, GPA, and GPX series
These buffers and preamps use all discrete components and class A circuits.
GBA/X Series GPA Series GPX Series
Primarily for electric guitars with adequate signal. The GBA/X series is basically a unity gain high to low impedance converter. GBA's preserve the signal and tone while driving long cables and accessories. GBA uses one 9-volt battery and fits in your pocket. GBX uses two 9-volt batteries for greater headroom. Intended for acoustic guitars with add-on pickups. The GPA series has a 4.7 MegOhm input impedance and a gain of 10 dB. It uses one 9-volt battery and will fit in your pocket or on a belt clip. Maximum output level is about 1 Vrms. With it's eXtended dynamic range, the GPX series is a good preamp for connecting guitars to PA system line inputs. The GPX series has a 4.7 MegOhm input impedance and a gain of 10 dB. It uses Two 9-volt batteries for extended dynamic range with a maximum output level of 3 Vrms. The GPX+2 version adds an AC adaptor.
GBA-1- price not set yet.
GBX-1- price not set yet.
GPA-2 - $44 GPX-2 - $55
GPX+2 - $66 with 12 VAC power adapter

Dave Baldwin is DIBs Electronic Design, providing design support for Audio, Analog, Digital, and Microprocessor systems.
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