Dave Baldwin's that Aren't Me.

There are Many more Dave Baldwin's than this but I got tired of Googling...
  1. Dave is the vocalist for TRADIA and for DEPARTURE. He released his first solo CD called time in 1997.
  2. Dave Baldwin Football Coach and here too.
  3. Dr. Dave Baldwin is the only geneticist and only systems engineer ever to play major league baseball.
  4. David V. Baldwin PhD is a licensed Psychologist practicing in Eugene, Oregon.
  5. Dave Baldwin's Free Programmer's Utilities
  6. David Damar Baldwin, Frisbee Tournament player
  7. Night Photography by David Baldwin
  8. Kansas City Real Estate - Dave Baldwin
  9. Dave Baldwin Consulting
  10. Dave Baldwin, technical writer and editor
  11. Dave Baldwin's Gallery - Tattoo Artist
  12. David S. Baldwin, President, Baldwin Construction
  13. Dr Dave Baldwin, is a CAA grade 1 medical examiner and Flying Doctor in New Zealand
  14. Dave Baldwin Engineered Automation and Control Solutions
  15. Dave Baldwin, director of the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library
  16. David Baldwin is professor of trumpet at the University of Minnesota School of Music.
  17. David Baldwin, the president of the Foundation for the Retarded
  18. David Baldwin, staff scientist at Northwest Fisheries Science Center
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