Dave Spice

The Story of Dave Spice:

Dave Spice was originally a dry rub for a pork loin. I liked it so well I started using it for other dishes. Now I use it in my vegetable and soup dishes and I sprinkle it on sandwiches. I also sprinkle it on macaroni and potato salads and in dishes with tomato sauce like spaghetti and jumbalaya. A number of my friends are using it for all kinds of cooking including vegetarian.

Cooking with Dave Spice:

I start all my vegetable and soup dishes with olive oil and butter. When the butter is melted, I sprinkle Dave Spice into the oil and butter and stir it up. With it mixed into the oil, the Dave Spice gets on all of the things that the oil touches. That spreads the seasoning throughout the dish.

When I cook dishes with a cream sauce, I often add a little curry powder and crushed red peppers. Sometimes for variety, I'll add some cumin and tumeric but only a shake or two.

Varieties of Dave Spice:

There are currently two versions of Dave Spice: the original Salty version and Dave Spice 2, the Powdery version. The original uses garlic salt and onion salt while the powdery version uses garlic powder and onion powder. I'm thinking of making a version that has crushed red peppers in it also since I often add that to the dishes I'm cooking.

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