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Open Mic Rules

I hate rules, I figure they're mostly for people who can't figure out what to do. But a common understanding may be necessary.
  1. You must be present to get a ticket for the sign-up drawing. It is unfair to the people who are there on Time for someone else to get you a ticket. If you come in late, you can sign up at the end of the list. I know some people get off work late. I'm sorry but it still isn't enough to make you a special case who doesn't have to be there. It would still be unfair to those who are there.
  2. You have to come get your own ticket. Same reasons plus I get to see who you are so I'll know who to look for later.
  3. You can't give your slot to someone else if you leave. Once again, it's unfair to the other people who participated in the drawing.
  4. Be ready to perform when it's your turn. If you're not ready, I'll skip over you and try to get you in later. If you're ready.
  5. Featured Artist slots are primarily for people who frequently participate in the Open Mic. If you've never been to the Open Mic, I won't give you a Featured Artist slot. The Featured Artist is expected to bring a crowd.
Oh, I forgot Rule Zero.

0. I'm the host and I make the rules. I don't like to but I will if I have to.

Dave Baldwin - Tuesday, March 10, 2009